Mechanical and Biological Systems Control

At the Nakano Laboratory, based on knowledge of mechanical engineering, measurement engineering, and control engineering, we conduct various studies on human-oriented mobility engineering.。

To Aim for a PhD or Master's Degree at the Nakano Lab

Nakano Lab accepts students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the III/GSII.
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What's New

Dr. Kimihiko Nakano has received the title of Guest Professor at Yanshan University, China.

We welcomed Professor Rencheng Zheng (Yanshan University, China) as a research fellow.
We also welcomed Associate Professor Yunshun Zhang (Jiangsu University, China) as an associate research fellow.

Zheng WANG has received an award for Best Student Paper Award at IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2017. Congratulations!
2017/5/30 Publications for 2017 has been added.
2017/5/26 The "Research" page has been updated.
2017/4/28 We will be introducing our lab through a presentation under the topic "Measurement and Control in Mobility" at the U-Tokyo Komaba Research Campus Open House on June 2 to 3.
Our booth will be set up in room Be03-04 in the basement of De building in the Komaba Research (Komaba II) Campus.
Please come and visit us. (Details HERE)
2017/4/26 An article on Haptic Guidance has been published in IEEE Trans. on Human- Machine Systems. (LINK)
2017/4/20 Orientation for the entrance examinations of the Emerging Design and Informatics Course, GSII, UTokyo will be held on June 10, 10:30.
For details, please follow the link. (LINK)
2017/4/7 One new photo has been added to "Lab Life."
2017/4/7 The Member List has been updated.
2017/3/1 Project Associate Professor Rencheng Zheng has left UTokyo to take the position of Professor at Yanshan University. Congratulations!
2017/2/16 Kashiwa-no-Ha Mobility Forum 2017 will be held on 18 Feb.
(Details HERE) Please join!
2017/2/1 Paper on in-vehicle traffic signal at non-signalized intersections is now available at online: (Link HERE)
2017/1/17 The Member List has been updated.
2016/12/01 Masahiro SEKI has received an award for Excellent Shot-gun Presentation at Translog 2016, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Congratulations!