Mechanical and Biological Systems Control

At the Nakano Laboratory, based on knowledge of mechanical engineering, measurement engineering, and control engineering, we conduct various studies on human-oriented mobility engineering.

To Aim for a PhD or Master's Degree at the Nakano Lab

Nakano Lab accepts students from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the III/GSII.
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What's New

The Member List has been updated.

HU Kefei, TUNANUNKUL Tanat and WANG Dixin received master degree. Congratulations!
2017/7/1 We welcomed Professor Rencheng Zheng (Yanshan University, China) as a research fellow.
We also welcomed Associate Professor Yunshun Zhang (Jiangsu University, China) as an associate research fellow.
2017/6/16 Zheng WANG has received an award for Best Student Paper Award at IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2017. Congratulations!
2017/5/30 Publications for 2017 has been added.
2017/5/26 The "Research" page has been updated.
2017/4/28 We will be introducing our lab through a presentation under the topic "Measurement and Control in Mobility" at the U-Tokyo Komaba Research Campus Open House on June 2 to 3.
Our booth will be set up in room Be03-04 in the basement of De building in the Komaba Research (Komaba II) Campus.
Please come and visit us. (Details HERE)
2017/4/26 An article on Haptic Guidance has been published in IEEE Trans. on Human- Machine Systems. (LINK)
2017/4/20 Orientation for the entrance examinations of the Emerging Design and Informatics Course, GSII, UTokyo will be held on June 10, 10:30.
For details, please follow the link. (LINK)
2017/4/7 One new photo has been added to "Lab Life."
2017/4/7 The Member List has been updated.
2017/3/1 Project Associate Professor Rencheng Zheng has left UTokyo to take the position of Professor at Yanshan University. Congratulations!
2017/2/16 Kashiwa-no-Ha Mobility Forum 2017 will be held on 18 Feb.
(Details HERE) Please join!
2017/2/1 Paper on in-vehicle traffic signal at non-signalized intersections is now available at online: (Link HERE)
2017/1/17 The Member List has been updated.
2016/12/01 Masahiro SEKI has received an award for Excellent Shot-gun Presentation at Translog 2016, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Congratulations!